Cinque Terre

We welcome you and introduce with great pleasure, LIVE-WIRE Security & Consultancy Services as a dedicated company to meet the challenges of complete Facility Management & Security Solutions.

As a professionally Managed Company in the field of Facility Management Services & Security Solutions, our endeavor to deliver the highest level of clientele satisfaction leads to the creation of team, which has core competence in the area of their responsibility. Competent discharge of our responsibilities with a backend support from a team of Authentic Creative Managers, have proven track records of successfully implementing and managing big projects in this domain. At "LIVE-WIRE Security & Consultancy Services" Facility Management Company, we offer our specialization in world class. B to B services. LIVE-WIRE will take challenge to establish Branches, Training and Recruitment Centers in almost every part of the country.

We at LIVE-WIRE, always ready to initiate change, re-write new objectives, take radical action and become extremely inventive. Our core belief in the 1 milestone of success has been that of Honesty and Integrity.

Our Services


LIVE-WIRE provides you a complete security package that is made specifically keeping in mind the local condition in the Country. You can rely on that we are there to care for the security of your assets and life as much as you expect from Security & Surveillance Services cover Basic Security to Intelligence to I.R. information and Crisis Management.

Office Space

We can be help to get right if you are looking for new office: the right location, size largest, facilities and of course, the right coises.


We source, screen, asses and recruit the best fit personnel to deliver quality to your organization.We understand an intelligent base recruitment framework, wide ranging advertisement and also our brand helps pull in the most qualified people for job.


Our intense Housekeeping service training programs in-house and on the spot, superior on-site management and the respect we show to our clients and associates create an environment in which we consistently exceed the housekeeping service needs and goals of our client